Stardreams Observatory is located in Romania, in a small town called Valenii de munte at approximately 380 meters above sea level. It has the advantage of low light pollution in the surrounding area, a relatively unobstructed view of the sky and it is fully automated and can be controlled and programmed from remote locations. As an experienced amateur astronomer, it represents one of my dreams come true and a great achievement. Construction started in late 2012 and it took me about a year and a half to complete , which was expected due to the complexity and cost requirements of the project, supported 100% by me.  The Observatory is used mainly for scientific observations (see ObservationsProjects and Articles), but I can also use it to acquire and assemble beautiful images of celestial objects. The equipment used for the respective purpose is listed and described in detail on the Equipment page, including the custom built “watchdog” weather station.

All this was designed and built with one thing in mind: to greatly improve the usage and efficiency of my telescopes and the comfort of the observer! No more struggling to carry and install the heavy telescopes for each observing session, no more set-up and adjustments outside on freezing nights! Always ready to “rock and roll”, as long as the “watchdog” weather station allows it depending on the meteorological conditions!

This site reflects the activity at Stardreams Observatory (MPC code L16).

If you have any suggestions, comments, questions, requests for data or observation project proposals, please contact me: radu.gherase@stardreamsobservatory.com

Please enjoy!

Radu Gherase