As you can guess, there is a wide variety of technical equipment required to operate successfully a modern remote controlled and autonomous Observatory. Furthermore, in order to successfully observe a wide range of astronomical targets and capture a significant amount of scientific data (photometry, spectroscopy, etc), the number and variety of equipment will have to increase accordingly. Also, not all the observational equipment presented below is used at once, although it is available to be properly installed and used at any time. Sometimes this has to be done manually, as the scientific observations are very specific and the optical instruments cannot accommodate all types of observing equipment (detectors, filters, spectrograph) at once.

So, I’ve decided to present this equipment grouped into categories of use, as follows:

Observational: equipment used for astronomical observations, typical configurations


Sky Monitoring and Meteor Detection: specialized protected outdoor camera, lens and software to capture, record and analyze meteor trails


Weather Monitoring and Observatory control system: custom built weather monitoring and roof (telescope position) control hardware and software



Surveillance (security) cameras and recording devices (software)