Sky monitoring and meteor detection

The meteor detection task is part of the implementation of a regional project consisting of several automated meteor observation video stations. My station will be soon part of a wider observation network  which aims to detect meteors on a specific area and use the data from several stations in order to pinpoint its path and origin (you can see how this is done here). For this purpose I am using an externally mounted (protected) WATEC 902H2 Ultimate camera with a 12mm f/0.8 Computar lens, a frame-grabber and CAMS software for image processing. I can also use this setup anytime to double check visually the actual meteorological conditions onsite, in addition to the accurate information regarding temperature and clouds provided by my custom-built meteorological station.


Camera meteori

Update: The system is now part of a double-station observation platform – the other camera is operational at Stardust Observatory (L13)