the asteroid "Romania

Above is an animation (click on the image to view) showing the asteroid “Romania” moving slowly on the fixed star background.
The observation was part of the educational campaign Romania Observed From Romania.
The astrometric measurements were sent to the Minor Planet Center.



2019 YK4
See animation below:

The animation consist of 4 frames with 1 minute exposure each taken at 6 minute intervals between 2019-12-30 22:17:45 UT (beginning of exposure) and 2019-12-30 22:37:35 UT (end of exposure).
Equipment used: RC8 with Atik 460ex bin2x2 – clear filter (with this setup 17th magnitude objects can be easily detected with only 1 minute integration in decent sky conditions when pointing near zenith).
Precision astrometry made using Astrometrica software and reported to the Minor Planet Center ( see MPEC 2019-Y131 : 2019 YK4 )